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Who says workload and high blood pressure come hand-in-hand?

Whether you are an executive, a student, or a housewife, there are ways to maintain your blood pressure while grappling with an intense workload. All you need is a healthy stress-handling strategy. Here are some practical tips to put at your disposal.

  • First thing first, always keeps your blood pressure in check. Even when you are at work, make sure you keep checking your blood pressure so as to avoid any unexpected shooting up.
  • Avoid food that increase blood pressure. Foods that have high salt content, caffeine, saturated fats, soda, and sausages can increase your blood pressure. Avoid them while you are at work to maintain your blood pressure.
  • Don’t sit idle for too long. Your body is made to move. When you sit idle for too long, your blood pressure may fall extremely low. In order to keep your blood pressure in healthy limits, keep moving after some time.
  • Don’t do stuff that increases your blood pressure. Everything that makes you angry, nervous, anxious, or afraid increases your blood pressure. Don’t argue with your co-workers. Don’t take short deadlines. This will help you keep your blood pressure in healthy limits while grappling with workload.

Make these your habit and we can see Monday becoming your favorite day.


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