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Blood Pressure Monitor


Blood Pressure Monitor

Model: ABP-2008-T

Getting Started Video

APP User Guide

User Manual


  • Where can I download the app?

Please scan the code on the Quick Start Guide with your smart device camera or search “Health Diary by MedM” in your App Store to download the app.

  • How do I switch users?

1. When the monitor is off, press the User button to display the current user ID. Press the User button to select the desired user ID.
2. Press the Start button to confirm the selected user ID, the monitor will display the user ID and “do nE”

  • How do I view the measurement values in memory

1. When the monitor is off, press the Memory button, the current user ID will flash, then press the User button to select desired user, then press the Start button to confirm.
2. The first reading that appears is the Average Value of all measurements for the last 7 days with the BP Trend figure.
3. Press the User or Memory button to view the values stored in memory.

  • How do I mute or unmute the monitor?

1. When the monitor is off, press and hold the User button to enter the voice setting mode.
2. Press the User or Memory button to turn off or adjust the voice volume.

  • My monitor says “Lo” even after changing new batteries and plugging it into the wall.

Sometimes, the monitor’s power switch can get stuck—but we’ve found that this is usually pretty easy to fix.
1. Remove all the batteries from the monitor and unplug it from the wall.
2. Press the START/STOP button a few times to cycle the power switch.
3. Once you've done that, try inserting the batteries or plugging the monitor back in.
This should get the monitor working again. If not, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

  • My monitor has gone through multiple sets of batteries in a short period of time. Is this normal?

No, your monitor shouldn’t go through batteries like that. While we never want a defective product to get to a customer, occasionally it can happen - which is why we include a 1-year warranty with every monitor. For assistance with a replacement, please contact Customer Support at


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